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What's on

There's always something going on at Dorothy's! There's chatting and community building all the time, but don't forget to pop in to our regular events throughout the month. You'll have a ball!

Applying Lipstick
Dorothys Jan 2023.png


The event you have all been looking forward to! Twice monthly drag shows featuring both established queens around the area, and new talent.


Dorothy's teasers

How's your general knowledge? Get a team of four together and pit your wits against other teams. Great prizes and, of course, your questions mistress will be presiding throughout.


Drag bingo

Gird your loins for the draggest of bingos - let Lola Lasagne pick your balls for a great time.

Great prizes up for grabs too.

israel-palacio-Y20JJ_ddy9M-unsplash (1)_edited.jpg


Sing your hearts out to some of the classics. DorothyMale will be on hand to give you encouragement and make you laugh!

open mic.png

Dorothy's Open Mic

Do you have a talent?

Want to jam for the crowd?

Want to DJ for a couple of hours?

Can you sing?

We are open to almost anything as long as its inclusive.

*Subject to approval

**Free time, we give you the space, a time slot, and some marketing if we can

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